Sri Lanka - pearl of the indian ocean

Sri Lanka is an island situated in South Asia, with a land area of 65,525 Km surrounded by the Indian Ocean.The elevated higher altitudes inland, create awesome landscapes and cool mountain tops. The golden sunny beaches popularly known as the golden miles overlook the wide ocean. Sri Lanka is an amazing tropical country with a diverse climate throughout the year.

The prestigious rich history portrays a legend of kings, invasions and a colonialism. A blend of diverse culture encapsulates the island home of the Sinhalese, Tamils, Moors, Malays, Burghers and others. Under the reigns of around 200 kings for nearly 3000 years and later invaded by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British has given rise to an interesting melting pot, rich in values and tradition passed down the generations. The historical ruins, the many religious sites and festivities represents the civilization of Sri Lanka and as of today it is a peaceful country popular for its warmth and hospitality.

Eco-adventure in one of the first 8 global hottest hot spots that’s Sri Lanka, offers travelers a unique experience in bio-diversity. The fauna and flora, wild life, coral reefs, sandy beaches, rain forests, historical sites, artifacts and religious sacred areas is worth a visit. The island is also famous for tea, cricket, Ayurveda treatment for health and rejuvenation, yoga and meditation, relaxation, entertainment through cultural dancers, gem stones, hand crafts etc. Sri Lanka is gifted with nature’s beauty and friendly people and is a jewel in the crown of the Indian Ocean blessed with heritage.

Sri Lankan Authentic Cuisine

The Sri Lankan cuisine is a spicy, burst of flavours, authentic aromatic and delicious as well as succulent. Rice and curry is the main meal of the Sri Lankans with a few side dishes such as a lentil (dhal) curry, vegetables, coconut sambol, mallum (minced green vegetable with coconut) etc. Other rice flour based food such as hoppers, string hoppers and pittu are also options in the Sri Lankan palate. Kotthu a mix of shredded rotti along with vegetables, egg and meat chopped together noisily on a flat top is quite popular. It is a signature dish mostly enjoyed for dinner. The usual elements of Sri Lankan cuisine are grains, flour, coconut, onions, herbs and spices.

Sri Lankan cuisine is unique as it plays a major role in ethnic food. A meat or fish dish spells variety through ethnic cooking. A fusion of all these offer an array of mouth-watering dishes. Sri Lanka is bountiful in vegetables, fruits, pulses and seafood. Street food and juices is always a welcome sight for travelers.

Traditional sweetmeats of Sri Lanka are usually bases of rice flour, sesame, green gram and jaggery which are made especially for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in April. Apart from tradition desserts such as caramel, watallappan, bread pudding or simply some fresh cut fruits or curd with treacle is a treat. The local liquor has always been a favourite and offers a binge with cocktails and mocktails.

Sri Lankan food is the answer for healthy food, nourishment and taste.

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